About me and my ceramics

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'Bringing together form and decoration is at the heart of my ceramics. After they have been thrown and turned on the wheel, I paint all of my pieces by hand directly onto the dried clay before its first 'biscuit' firing. This locks the decoration permanently into the body of the clay. They are then glazed inside and high fired to produce pieces that are highly practical and durable'
I initially trained in Ceramics at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with a BA (Hons) degree. This experience fuelled a lifelong love for ceramics and art and design in all its forms. I also have a Post Graduate degree in Art and Design Education.

I am inspired by the joyful explosion in art and design after the second world war and also the experimentation of the Bauhaus movement. Influences are many but in particular art that celebrates and communicates domestic life through its form, function and expression.

My ceramics are made in high-fired (vitrified) stoneware or porcelain and are painted with ceramic compounds and glazed internally. The ceramic colours are applied before the pieces are fired so that they penetrate and permanently bond with the surface of the clay. Pieces are mainly wheel thrown and hand painted and are glazed internally. My jewellery is made from vitrified porcelain and the fittings are made from sterling silver.
I show and sell my work through galleries and ceramic and craft fairs in the UK and Europe.

I am a selected crafts person by Crafts Festival’s ‘Find a Maker’, a member of the Craft Potters Association, a registered maker on the Crafts Council’s Register of makers and a member of London Potters Association.
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'My interest in making - and wearing - jewellery began as a child when my grandmother often gave me inexpensive costume jewellery that sometimes needed 'mending' - and so the seed was sown…Working on smaller pieces provides me with the opportunity to make quick experiments with ideas for patterns and colours that then feed into my larger ceramics.
My jewellery is made from vitrified porcelain and the fittings are made from sterling silver.'